SDARC Apparel 2015 modified SDARC Caps 2015 Modified

SDARC APPAREL (tee shirts, sweat shirts, hooded sweat shirts, coats, jackets and caps)

The South Dakota Amateur Radio Council has SDARC apparel in stock as gifts for donations to SDARC for the SD-Link. Donation gift selection sheets are available at or on the SDARC Yahoo site under files or can be gotten from W0SD as an e-mail attachment.

There are several ways you can make your donations and receive your gift or gifts.

#One- Fill out the donation gift form and send it via USPS mail to W0SD, SDARC

Secretary/Treasure(address good on QRZ) with a check payable to SDARC or pay for it with Paypal using the paypal button at You can also fill it out and scan it or take a picture and send it to

#Two-Via a Radio Club order. Fill out the donation gift form and give it and a check or cash to the SDARC representative who has volunteered for your club. You may also pay via Paypal but it has to be prompt payment and explained in the notes on paypal what it is for.

The advantage is that there will be no 10% shipping and handling charge as long as the club order exceeds $100.00. The SDARC representative to your club will deliver them to you at the next meeting.

#Three-We will do our best to take donations for SDARC Apparel gifts at Ham Radio events. We will try and publicize these events ahead of time so you can let us know what you want so we have you size along with us as a gift for your donation. We have a selection of many sizes.

Remembers gifts of coats, jackets and caps are special order so they have your embroidered name and call sign on them. Obviously we don’t have them in stock.

Any questions can be directed to


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